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BassGeek was started by Hank Rogers (Better known as BassGeek) as a Youtube channel in 2016 to help others learn how to catch more bass. I wanted to do this by sharing my journey to become the best bass angler I can be. Along the way I've shared hundreds of tips and tricks I've picked up along that journey. 

Along the way BassGeek has become more than just a YouTube Channel. It's grew to a Nation of people over a group of social media outlets. People who love the sport of fishing and everything that comes with it. From learning how to to use new lures, to tackle collection, or mastering new fishing gadgets it's all part of becoming a BassGeek!  

If your interested in supporting the BassGeek Nation or sharing your Products with the nation please fill out the form below and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. 

Assisting Bassgeek is his videographer and editor Joey Madden

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